High Decision Level Sector

The services included in this sector focus on interpreting existing or new ideas, evaluating new technologies and making decisions for creating new opportunities and services.

Sectorial Activities

People in this sector have high positions and powers, they make decisions with wide impact in the sector of activity. It involves highly-paid professionals with special abilities, such as top managers, high-profile researchers, government officials. Workers in the quinary sector of the economy are known as workers with "golden collars".

Trends in the Quinary Economic Sector

The importance of these workers in the structure of advanced economies far exceeds their number. An important feature of the Quinary economic sector is that the term is not used to evaluate the profit vs. economic basis. Not for profit but to classify industries based on the use of knowledge, thus measuring innovation policies and systems. This sector is expected to be developed mainly, but not exclusively, through public investments.

Economic Sector:
Quaternary Sector
June 1, 2020
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