Founders' letters

Dear colleagues,

In a rapidly developing digital economy and a cognitive era that humanity has already entered, we want you, our colleagues, our customers and all other stakeholders to benefit and appreciate our program as the best in the business segment. in which we operate.

As a business organization we focus on the continuous improvement of performance, our Ethics and Compliance Program through its permanent evolution making no exception in this regard. We are motivated by our values, we are motivated by the development of a business culture that stimulates transparency and that provides our employees, collaborating partners and our clients with all the necessary tools to prevent, detect and respond to all issues that are related to ethics.

Recently, we have made intense efforts to develop an Ethics and Compliance Program whose standards correspond to current international requirements. Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is one of the many tools we have created to develop and strengthen the Agency.
This code is designed to meet your requirements and needs and to ensure a professional and pleasant work environment in which to carry out your work.
Even though most of the decisions you make about ethics are based on your own discernment, sometimes there may be situations when the elements of a decision are unclear.

That is why the Agency’s Code provides clear answers to those more difficult decisions. And if, after consulting the code, the answer is still not clear, contact the direct manager or the compliance officer who works for you. The responsibility for adhering to this code and the exact application of its provisions lies with all members of the Agency regardless of their position or status in the company.

We all have a duty to report in good faith all issues that arise in relation to ethics and behavior within the Agency and outside it. You, employees or collaborating partners, represent the voice of the values we have in the Agency and therefore please take the time to deepen and especially understand the Code of the Agency. We are proud of the work we do to become leaders in ethics and compliance in the domestic and international business sector in which we operate.

Thank you on behalf of the Strategic Council of the Agency’s Founders but also on your own behalf for your commitment to operating with the highest quality standards of ethics and for the desire to stimulate a working environment based on human integrity, transparency and correct thing.

Thank you for taking the time to read THE Q AGENCY’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Thank you,

Daniel DINU, PhD

President and CEO