The current methods and techniques used in business, leadership, management, recruitment or sales, lose more and more ground to the ones in neuroscience. Through the eQuilibrium structure, THE Q AGENCY makes available to you the best perfection and training programs and neuro-coaching programs based on "brain science".


Built to be delivered online through an e-learning platform, eQuilibrium programs are unique in the market. Their increased efficiency and the superior performances obtained by the graduates of the training programs have one common denominator: the latest discoveries in neuroscience, that have practical application in business.


Neuroscience in Leadership, Neuroscience in Sales, Neuroscience in Recruitment and Burnout (Neuro)Coaching are just some of the eQuilibrium programs that will help you grow your business perfomances in a faster and permanent way.
We believe in different thinking and in the power of change brought by the brain sciences. The way in which we improve the performances are based on improving the brain’s ability to develop rapid and concrete methods, in order to make the best business decisions.

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June 1, 2016
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