The Quaternary Sector Services


THE Q AGENCY is a Management Consulting Firm with its essential focus on designing the methods and strategic systems for companies to be capable of predicting and commanding The Game.


There is a strong tie between The Q Sector - as a fourth major aspect of the global economy and Industry 4.0 - which brings technology-driven cognition, autonomy, 3D printing and super-speed networking to manufacturing.


The Research Centre supports a portfolio of innovative, high-impact research and analysis, creates a clearinghouse to help coordinate related efforts and collaborates with organisations dedicated to advancing sectors of economy.

Global Economic Sectors

The Five-Sector Model


High Decision Level Sector - The services included in this sector focus on interpreting existing or new ideas, evaluating new technologies and making decisions for creating new opportunities and services. Workers in the Quinary Sector of the economy are known as workers with "golden collars".


Knowledge and Technological Innovations Sector - It is an economic sector that mainly includes intellectual activities and knowledge-based activities aimed at the future growth and development of the economy and business. It is also sometimes called the knowledge economy sector.

The Three-Sector Model


Raw Materials' Sector - The primary sector of the economy extracts or collects products from the earth, such as raw materials and basic foods. The sector has experienced a dramatic decline in the last 150 years when almost half of the population worked in the mining and agriculture industry. Workers in the primary sector of the economy are known as "red-collar" workers.


Sector Based on the Production of Finished Good - It involves the transformation of raw materials into finished or manufactured products. The mechanisation and automation of the manufacturing processes begins to increase the production of finished goods. Workers in the secondary sector of the economy are known as "blue collar" workers.


Sector Based on the Service - Industry It is a sector that involves the sale of services and skills. This sector sells the goods of the primary sector or the finished products of the secondary sector and offers commercial services to both the population and to businesses in all five sectors of the economy. Workers in the tertiary sector of the economy are known as "white collar" workers.



The current methods and techniques used in business, leadership, management, recruitment or sales, lose more and more ground to the ones in neuroscience. Through the eQuilibrium structure, THE Q AGENCY makes available to you the best perfection and training programs and neuro-coaching programs based on "brain science".


70% of the informations that we get in touch with are visual. Images are the first ones that impact the life and the decisions of humans. With the help of our 2 agents, we transform data in insights and we analyze the objective perspective of your customers. iqinsider is a key element that will definitely help your organization to be more competitive.


A lack of culture in terms of Competitive Intelligence or in other words competitiveness through value-added information, often puts them in a position to do serious confusion between information and intelligence. There is a big difference between a IT-ist and an intelligence analyst. There aren’t any IT-ists who can make good intelligence analysis as there aren’t any intelligence analysts who can create good IT programs.


toniQbrain uses an accurate software that analyzes your brainwaves and shows you when you are focusing and when you are not by changing the sounds from the computer and several displays on the screen. You focus tightly on a moving line on the computer screen, which responds by moving higher. The pitch of the flute sound shifts higher as you focus on any sight, sound, image, or part of the body. This process has bio feedback as a basis. Biofeedback is a method that uses the mind to control a function of the body which is usually automatically adjusted.